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Published on 16.02.2021


In gender relationships next to arguments of the dominant structure (patriarchal) gender-based othering brings with itself distinctive living practices. We can clearly observe extensions of the said living practices in idea and artistic productions just like in every area of social life. Since the 1970’s fight against insufficient information on women and social constructions produced by women that are at the center of the said gender othering found place in basic pursuits of ethnomusicology and performance arts just like all areas of social sciences with the influence of feminist movement. The requirement to make detections about women in every area is sourced from gender-based othering that is in traditional social structure as well as in modern and postmodern social structures while musical productions of women who became a disadvantageous group in social structure patterns reveal the need to approach their ways of appearance in daily and special rituals with their musical performances through various layers. “women identity in society” as one of the most important factors in genderbased research will be the main focus of this symposium. With the symposium we invite researchers, artists working in the area to come together, discuss, and share information in order to rewrite and construct history of art and thought in multiple layers while examining them with an interdisciplinary interaction and production.

Symposium Sub-Titles

Gender and Self-building

Representation of Women in the Field of Art

Beauty, Body Perception and Representation

Space and Time Perception, Representation and


Sexuality, Gender in Music

Values, Traditions and Re-production of

Hierarchical Discourse

Class, Ethnicity, Gender Relations

Aesthetic and Artistic Authority in the Process of

Artistic Creation

Female Arranger, Producer, Tonmeister in "Music


Female Musicians in "Market" Music

Female Aşıks, Ballad Singer, Composers, Maestro

Female Music Theorists and Critics

Researchers in Music Studies

Women's Entertainments

Women Academics in Music Education

Women's Labor in Common Activity Areas

Women, Music and Dance in Orientalist Discourse

Queer Theory and Women's Research

Performativity and Music-Body Relationship

Representation of Women in Popular Music

Women and Music in the Media

Feminism and Theatre / Feminist Cinema

Reflections of Sexist Discourse in Theory and


Feminine and Masculine Discourses in Organology

Feminist Ethnomusicology/Musicology

Ecofeminism and Ecomusicology

Gender Studies in Today's Ethnomusicology

Woman in a Relationship between Belief and


Women and Music in Mythology

Women in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Note: Symposium subheadings are not limited to

existing topics. New subheading suggestions

associated with the title "Women and Music" will

be accepted.

The symposium will be organized by the Association of Ethnomusicology-TURKEY and was designed with the theme of "Music and Woman" in the 3rd year of the "Women Play / Sing the Earth" project. The book revenues to be published after the symposium will be transferred to the Association of Ethnomusicology, “Şehvar Beşiroğlu Postgraduate Education Scholarship”, and it is aimed to contribute to the education of female postgraduate students.You can send the abstracts of the symposium to our e-mail addresses or until midnight on May 1, 2021, approximately 200-300 words long. Oral presentations are accepted at the symposium.



The official languages of the symposium are Turkish and English. Abstracts must be submitted in Turkish or English.

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Abstract Submission: May 1, 2021

Summary Evaluation Results: 7 May 2021

Program Announcement: 10 May 2021

Submission of full texts: 20 June 2021