Published on 19.07.2018

Call for Papers - Hegemony and Music

Association of Ethnomusicology


Year 2 Issue 3 Hegemony and Music


Call for Papers

Editor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okan Murat Öztürk

(Ankara Music and Fine Arts University Musicology Department)


Deadline for Article Submissions: December 31, 2018


Hegemony has two faces. There is domination and oppression on the one side, compliance and obedience on the other. Hegemony, in every field from the scale of individual, concept or attitude to international relations, and also from science, technology, culture, art and philosophy to global politics and economics, is a living phenomenon. It is almost impossible to escape from hegemony; it has a nature and a function that does not accept any gap. In every situation and condition, hegemony is a phenomenon that can be felt, seen, heard, and perceived, even if it is not fully explicable by its complete meaning, scope and function. For this reason, it is possible to observe hegemony in scholarly researches; to analyze through various indicators, and to understand how it works.

It is true that there are mutual and strong relations between hegemony and music at every period of history. The various styles, genres, tendencies, attitudes and feelings that emerge in music, together with the components such as identity and belonging, constitute very important indicators in terms of hegemony studies as a fact. In other words, there is the possibility to analyze hegemony and even the struggles and relations of power in establishing it, through music. In this sense, music and the concepts, fields, phenomena and processes that were shaped around it provide a great deal of material to the hegemony studies. Hence, hegemony and music constitute an independent area of investigation and research.

In this issue, Etnomüzikoloji Journal deals with the subject of hegemony through the field of music. This volume which will have a multidisciplinary content within ethnomusicology focuses on how hegemony uses music and how hegemony can be established and operated through music.


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